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Guide to Selling


Presentation is key when your property is on the market. Each viewing, potential purchasers will notice how your property presents itself and first impressions count, you have to place your-self in the purchaser’s shoes.

Exterior Areas – Looking at the property from the street, from the rear and from the garden. Things to be aware of are front and rear gardens, guttering, window frames, front and back doors and exterior walls.

Clean and bright – Make sure your property looks and feels like you have just had a spring clean. Clean the surfaces, floors and get rid of all yesterday’s clutter that’s lurking around in your closets.

Interior Maintenance – Check your property’s interior fixtures and fitting make sure they in a good state of repair. Go through on a room by room basis and check the furniture, fittings, décor and flooring. Whilst in the kitchen and bathroom, look for leaking taps and noisy appliances.

Reading Estate Agent can help you address any of these issues on a valuation or prior to placing the property on the market.

Reading Estate Agent
Reading Estate Agent


You need to have your property valued in order to establish the realistic amount it is worth during current market conditions. Reading Estate Agent have an intimate knowledge of the property market in local and surrounding areas. We will also provide you with a brief outlay of our marketing and what costs will be involved during your move.


Speak to a financial advisor and affirm your current financial situation. Take a look at the status of your current mortgage, also establish how much you may be able to borrow and afford for your next home.

Placing your property on the market

When you about to instruct an agent and place your property on the market you should also consider giving your requirements to agents about your next home.

When instructing an agent to sell your property, the agent will confirm in writing the asking price, marketing details, fees and a time scale.

Find a Solicitor

You will need to find a solicitor to act on your behalf for your property dealings. A solicitor can play a useful role even at this very early stage. Initially your solicitor will have to apply for your title deeds from your existing mortgage lender.

Agree fees

Both Estate agents and solicitors will be happy to put in writing what their charges are. Bear in mind the size of the transaction that you are going to undertake and not to choose your representatives based on the lowest fees as in most cases you often get what you pay for and quality of service is of great value in helping your sale proceed smoothly.

Agree on a sale

Once a sale has been agreed a notification of sales will be sent to you and the prospective purchaser to confirm the sale in principle. This is subject to a satisfactory survey and you finding a suitable alternative home to purchase.

Your next property

Register your details with estate agents. The agent will need to know what you’re requirements are to find a suitable home for you. Once a property has been found you will be able to proceed without delay as you already have appointed a solicitor and your house sale has been agreed in principal.

Reading Estate Agent

Dealing with your solicitor

Now that you have agreed on a sale there are a few tasks that will need to be taken care of:

Property Information – All the details of your property to be included in the draft contract. Details such as fixtures, fittings, boundaries etc. This will be checked by you and the buyer’s solicitor.

Buyers Queries – The buyer’s solicitor will send a list of any questions the buyers has concerning the property.

Agree the purchase

Prospective purchasers might want to know to know weather you have found a place to buy and when you’re considering moving. It is important that during this stage that negotiations are handled smoothly and you should leave the chain complications to your agent who will have more experience and would be able to conform the status of any on-going chain.


It is recommended to get a decision in principle before you apply for a mortgage, in order to know what grounds you stand on. If at this point you have agreed on a sale submit your application to the lender or your financial advisor as soon as possible.

Signing Contracts

When the buyer's solicitors has made all the necessary enquiries a report will be made to the buyers with contracts for signature.

Exchange of Contracts

When completion dates have been agreed with everyone involved in the chain (if there is one) the solicitors will contact each other to affect an exchange of contracts at which time the sale is formalised. The buyer will be required to pay a deposit at this stage.

Completion Day

On the day of completion the first solicitor will instruct his bank to transfer the amount required to complete the purchase to the bank of the next solicitor. In turn that solicitor will instruct his bank to send money on to the next bank when it has arrived. On average this is usually completed by lunchtime on the day of completion.

If we are holding keys for the property we will be able to release them when we have been notified by the vendor's solicitor that they have received all of the monies required to complete the purchase.

Reading Estate Agent

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