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Marketing masterclass for landlords

Marketing is at the heart of what we do; our Marketing Masterclass package is crucial in showcasing your property in the best possible way.

The REA Marketing Masterclass is devised through many strands:

  • Our professional photography team will assess the property and produce display material to the highest standard . This will then be reproduced for various media formats.
  • Your property will instantly be matched against our database of thousands of prospective tenants; our intuitive software will run a suitability parameter, which gives you the best chance of finding the right tenant for your property.
  • The Marketing Masterclass for Landlords also advertises your property on all the major property portals including RIghtMove and Zoopla; this has an invaluable reach and we see great success from this particular avenue.
  • Our social media platforms see fantastic response rates; all properties are marketed through Facebook and Twitter.
  • As experts of the local area, we also feel it is important to keep presence in the local newspapers and this further showcases your property when advertised with us.
  • We have a fantastic response rate from our boards which Landlords have reported as a invaluable method in marketing their property.
  • Our service is exemplary and because of this we see a transition of our tenants climbing the property ladder and many of our tenants have gone on to become buyers.

As our valued Landlord, you do not pay any additional fee for this service, it is included in your package.