Are you aware of the new HMO Regulations?

Are you aware of the new HMO Regulations?

Date Published 13 September 2018

New HMO regulations will take effect from 1st October 2018. The new legislation is likely to effect existing lets that are licensed as HMOs. It will also introduce a new minimum room sizing, as well as meaning some properties that didn't require an HMO license, will now require one.

What are the rules?

If the property is inhabited by five of more people, which makes up two or more households: A household is classed as an immediate family (parents and children), partners (married, civil partnership or cohabiting), or individuals.

As well as three storey properties, single and two storey properties must now be licensed, if they fall within the above remit, including properties converted into bedsits.

Properties above commercial buildings (such as shops or restaurants) must also be licensed

It is estimated that the new regulation will make around 174,000 additional properties subject to mandatory licensing on top of the existing 60,000, so there are plenty of landlords who are going to be feeling the changes.

This link will help you learn more information regarding the new regulations.