Top Tips For Keeping Tenants Happy

Top Tips For Keeping Tenants Happy

Date Published 11 October 2018

Every landlord wants a tenant in their property who pays their rent on time, pays their bills on time, looks after the property and doesn't cause any problems! So keeping tenants happy as well is extremely important.

1) Clarifying the rules and regulations of the tenancy before the tenant moves in is important to ensure that the whole tenancy runs as smoothly as possible. Landlords should ensure they stick to the terms of the tenancy agreement.

2) Keeping on top of property maintenance is another key part in keeping your tenants happy. Taking time in repairing issues will frustrate the tenants. However we do offer a fully managed service to our landlords and we will ensure issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

3) Resolving complaints quickly will show the tenant that they are a priority to you and that you care for them. Opting for our fully managed service, you will not need to worry about dealing with tenants complaints as we can handle this for you.

4) Respecting tenants privacy is another extremely important key in keeping them happy. Giving at least 48 hours notice prior to visiting the property will ensure no conflict is inflicted over this. We advise that landlords should visit the property within 3 months of the tenancy to ensure the property is looked after, if you are happy that your property is being well looked after then we advise that you visit every 6 months until the end of the tenancy.

5) When it comes to increasing rent, be fair to your tenant! Take their job, family situation etc into consideration. Being fair in decisions regarding property upgrades, maintenance and redecorating requests from tenants will also keep your tenant happy.

6) Finally, communication is a very important part in maintaining a very healthy relationship between you and your tenant.