How To Winter Proof Your Home

How To Winter Proof Your Home

Date Published 01 November 2018

As temperatures have started to drop, we have put together some top tips in keeping your home warm and cosy in this cold weather.

- Keeping your curtains closed in a property that doesn't have double glazed windows will help keep the heat in. The thicker your curtains are, the better! Remember to keep your curtains open during the day so that the sun can help to make your room warm during winter days.

- Don't block radiators! A room cannot heat up if there is furniture blocking the radiator as the heat is trapped.

- Regulating the temperature with a thermostat is another great way to make your home comfortable during the cold winter months. Most people find 21 degrees is an ideal temperature for the living room. When its very cold, you can set a timer to turn your heat on for maybe 30 minutes before you wake up or come home after a long day at work!

- It is important to check for gaps in the floor and skirting boards, according to the National Energy Foundation, floors are responsible for up to 10 percent of the heat loss in homes where there's no flooring insulation. If you find any gaps in the floors, you can seal them up with silicone based filler.

- Insulate your walls and loft as experts believe around half of the heat that is lost in a home is due to the fact there is no insulation.

- Candles are another great way to heat up a room that you are in, make sure you don't leave candles unattended though!

- If you are fortunate to have a fire place, putting on a fire will most definitely heat up the room!

- Say no to portable heaters as they can send your energy bill through the roof!

And of course don't forget the heat power of a wolly jumper, fluffy blanket and hot drink!